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What if all the guns in the world only shot rainbows?

As the United States continues to face internal upset from a current generation of mass civilian shootings

Emerald Sketch exists to promote trauma awareness, prevention, and intervention for the mental health care of the wounded, traumatized, and loved ones of the lost.

In Sandy Hook, Connecticut three months following the mass shooting at the Sandy Hook School, during a private session one six year old child asks the art therapist a most compelling question.  Deep into a session the art therapist first prompts the child with a secure question about the clay sculpture,

What if this gun could shoot something other than bullets?  What would you want the gun to shoot?

Following an unknowing look, the art therapist reassures the child it’s ok if there is no answer now.  The two continue to work non verbally, and in a few moments the child questions,

What if all the guns in the world only shot rainbows?

The art therapist mirrors the question for the child, “What if all the guns in the world only shot rainbows?”

After a few more minutes of creative work the child replies, “I think it would tickle.”

This appears as the most compelling example of how the mind-body must begin to shift perceptions to remotely feel safe again.  And in this brief vignette you see how the relationship holds the moment.

Here is how you can help the Emerald Sketch movement and gain meaningful fine art for your personal collection:

  1. View the Artwork in this Online Exhibit  “What if all the guns in the world only shot rainbows?”
  2. Choose an Artist or work
  3. Email your maximum Bid:                              Please title the email “What if all the guns in the world only shot rainbows?” 
  4. or Call 610-505-5707 and place a bid.                                                          

Artists Posted Below: Melissa Auf de Mar, Michael Davis, Kayti Didriksen, Jessica Goehring, Laetitia Hussain, Stephen Kingsley, Kris Perry, Javere Pinnock, Nicole Porter, Valerie Shaff, Parker Shipp, William Stone, & Mike Willcox

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Days before the Emerald Sketch A.R.T., Inc. opened this exhibit in alignment with an uplifting ARTsWalk celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Columbia County Council on the Arts in Hudson, New York, yet again another deadly shooting occurred.  This time at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon.

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The original focus of this Benefit Auction was to promote awareness and raise funds to support Art therapy Trauma Relief in Newtown, CT and Clinical Art therapy trauma training in Charleston, South Carolina post Emanuel A.M.E. Church.  Now the Art therapy Response Team is assessing the national necessity to educate clinicians and civilians on Trauma Post Massacres.  This is a genuine problem, and art therapy is one evidence based healthful solution.

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One important lesson learned is how in the aftermath of such horror evidence based clinical support is a huge benefit.  Engaging in community based creative tasks without appropriate support, though seemingly innocent can be especially dangerous post massacre.  The creative processes tap into regions of the brain the verbal processes never reach, in working with a trained practitioner healing and organization of trauma happens effectively and safely.

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Join the Emerald Sketch movement, as much was gained following the Sandy Hook School Tragedy and this knowledge will benefit more communities suffering from the shock and horror of national mass shootings.

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22 Artists have contributed works of Art.

Many of them are highly valued Artists.  All of them understand the significance of creative expression, and support the Emerald Sketch movement.  In this effort you have the opportunity to join and support an innovative movement that will continue to reach devastated families across the United States.

Visit BackBar 347 Warren St., Hudson for the following additional Artist’s works on Exhibit: 

Carol McCranie “Blue Ribbons” Original Photo on Plexiglass 16″ x 24″ Minimum Bid: $750
Javier Magri “Tears in Rain, Arthur for Nick Caves” Oil on Canvas 20″ x 20″ Minimum Bid: $500
Karen Welk “Bullets transforming into a cascade of rainbow hues” Necklace: Coral, mother of pearl, arenturine, hemalite, glass, sterling silver Minimum Bid: $40
Sarah Berney “Love” Handmade Paper Framed 11″ x 14″ Minimum Bid: $500
Jersey Walz “Jungle Road” Silver Gelatin Print 11″ x 14″ Minimum Bid: $500
Paul McMahon “Postcard” Archival Print Collage 9″ x 11″ Minimum Bid: $250
Arthur Jimenez “Untitled” Acrylic on Canvasette 24″ x 18″ Minimum Bid: $150
Nathan Sneat “Imperial Blah” Collage 11″ X 17″ Minimum Bid: $350


In September as Arts Walk in Hudson, New York was approaching an assault rifle was released for sale in Florida state showcasing the Bible verse, “Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for charity, and my fingers for comfort” Psalm 544:1 amended.  The Founding Director, Ms. Nicole Porter Willcox, of Emerald Sketch had just returned from a challenging and compelling visit to Charleston, South Carolina and the Emanuel A.M.E. Church to provide Immediate Needs training and intervention.  Astonished by the continuous turmoil and damage caused by mass shootings, Ms. Willcox called upon her local Artist community of Hudson, New York and beyond to promote awareness and change.  She recalls this clinical example to inspire:

Now Emerald Sketch is promoting this bold statement from a surviving child first hand to seek your help.  Please view the artwork, as you are inspired contact us with your maximum bid or 610-505-5707

Exhibit Closing Reception

BackBar at 3FortySeven Warren St., Hudson, NY

Saturday, October 24, 2015 6-9pm

All 2016 Bids also Accepted through 3FortySeven Gallery, Hudson, NY

*Artwork will be available for pick up in Hudson, NY, NYC or shipping/delivery available

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