Crisis Response: Reducing Pandemic Panic and Boosting Immunity

Emerald Sketch Art therapy Response Team is available for online trauma support in response to COVID19.  Specific programming available:
  • Clinical Education for Immediate Needs Trauma Response:
    • Current initiatives: Wild Fires, Frontlines Covid19, Black Lives Matter
  • Black Lives Matter Early Childhood Pandemic Response Program (aka Magic Sketch)
  • Clinical Supervision for Art therapists reporting as “essential workers”
  • Instagram interactions emeraldsketchart
  • Individual or Group Online Art therapy sessions for all ages
  • Launching a new Mental Fitness app Roxygen to help humans of all ages reduce pandemic panic and process upset happening amidst our current crisis’ – this will soon include an early childhood component.

Email us or Message Emerald Sketch for details now

COVID19 Trauma Response Articles by the Emerald Sketch Clinical Director:

Mini-meditations:Better for your mind-body than you think” amidst this pandemic.

Reconnect Don’t Disconnect: Time for mini-meditations and creative brain exercises”

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