Coronavirus Response: Reducing Pandemic Panic and Boosting Immunity

Emerald Sketch Art therapy Response Team is available for online trauma support in response to COVID19.  Specific programming available:
  • Clinical Supervision for Art therapists reporting as “essential workers”
  • Sharing “Creative Coping Skills” online daily emeraldsketchart
  • Online lesson to Teach parents or older adolescents “How to organize consistent Daily ‘Peers teach Peers’ online sessions”
  • Individual or Group Online Art therapy & Meditation sessions for all ages
  • Late evening Telehealth Art therapy for “Parents who once upon a time were People”
  • Clinical Director Nicole Porter Davis¬†launched the new facebook group “Co-Op Coordinator” to help Parents reduce pandemic panic and navigate this new era of time. The first 100 members will be admitted free, the group includes weekly group discussions, and ongoing benefits.

Email us or Message Emerald Sketch for details now

COVID19 Trauma Response Articles by the Emerald Sketch Clinical Director:

Mini-meditations:Better for your mind-body than you think” amidst this pandemic.

Reconnect Don’t Disconnect: Time for mini-meditations and creative brain exercises”



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