Emerald Sketch ART Vision

The Emerald Sketch’s global mission is to work with communities to heal symptoms of post traumatic stress and complex grief when devastated with unforeseeable tragedy.

By Emerald Sketch Artists in cooperation with Ben's Lighthouse

By Emerald Sketch Artists in cooperation with Ben’s Lighthouse

Nicole Porter Willcox is an art therapist originally from Philadelphia, now Brooklyn and member of the American Art therapy Association who provided immediate trauma response at the“Sandy Hook Healing Project”in Newtown, CT as the Director of Child Therapy following the Sandy Hook School Massacre.   Her mission was to provide immediate relief, but she soon experienced though meaningful, the art therapy sessions she could offer individually will never fulfill the greater need.

The ‘If you reach one individual’ philosophy is what ignited Nicole’s ambition and trust to establish the Emerald Sketch Art therapy Response Team.  Now, two years later that belief continues to inspire healthy therapeutic relationships throughout the Newtown, Connecticut community and throughout the world.


Emerald Sketch provides direct clinical services and empowers clinicians to help families turn trauma and grief symptoms into resiliency and greater internal balance.  Our approach is much more than a blog.  Willcox links communities and helps connect art therapists to clients and organizations in regions with recent history of trauma and loss.  Our Art therapy Response Team provides communities with therapeutic knowledge and high quality therapeutic services such as community outreach workshops and weekly individual, group, or family art therapy sessions.

Nest in Show

CT First Lady Cathy Malloy viewing the Emerald Sketch “Safety Nest” with Nicole Willcox

When many families gain relief from the symptoms of post trauma and/or complex grief, it brings opportunities for greater health within each individual, thus broadening health within the family and the community.  The individual understanding inspires relationship building and creative cooperation.


Kerry Jessup, Leading "Light Your Lantern" Art therapy Workshop for Ben's Lighthouse

Kerry Jessup, Leading “Light Your Lantern” Art therapy Workshop for Ben’s Lighthouse


The Core of our model is providing high quality services for the community.  Social Connection is important to the healing process, families often share the benefits of art therapy with whom they want during Emerald Sketch Outreach Gatherings.  This extends the impact of the original healing process through Social Connection.  Often new families in need of trauma services learn of the art therapy available and are able to connect with a community based art therapist.

The goal of every Emerald Sketch project is to help families heal from the difficult symptoms of post traumatic stress and/or complex grief, building resiliency and neuro-biological balance.   The Emerald Sketch intention is for families to establish emotional self-reliance.  We do this by providing them the time and practice with professional clinicians to heal, and this is thanks to the generosity of donors and supporters.

In supporting the Emerald Sketch you have the prospect to give a traumatized family the exercise it takes to re-balance themselves and their children; to give a young child a chance to feel safe again; to empower a first responder to have a voice in his community.  Collectively, we can change the world, one community, one family, and one individual, at a time.    Starting here we offer top quality therapy for the Sandy Hook and Newtown community through the art making of their Emerald Sketch Artists.

Do you have a sketch to change the world?


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