Preventive measures, being proactive, and informative gives a School community the greatest results for children to remain undisturbed by the new culture of “anti-shooter” drills.  The methods taught through the Emerald Sketch are all rooted in effective early childhood methods to minimize upset and maintain senses of calm and confidence during all phases of practice for all ages:
Safety First
Emergency/Safety Training for School Administration & Staff:
  • To foster and help maintain a sense of safety and security among the children at all times when there is a given disaster.
  • Implementation of tangible practical skills teachers can use in their daily routines that will translate to fostering a sense of safety during a perceived threat.
  • How to best communicate with your community during an emergency between:
    • Administrators, teachers, parents, and children-
      • Dialogue, language, messaging, & technology will be addressed
  • Learn to build the greatest sense of control and confidence if/when the school community faces a crisis.
  • Practice tools that will help the children remain in the moment, and minimize extreme upset, or feelings of fear or isolation
The Emergency/Safety training or support is offered in two methods:
Advisory Sessions: $125-$250/hourly
  • Learn beneficial procedures to minimize upset and fear among children in regards to an actual human threat or natural disaster.
  • This is helpful for Administrators as this can be topic specific based on the needs of the individual school.
  • Weekly or bi-monthly recommended for 3-5 training sessions
  • Individual or Group
  • School visit, Phone, or Zoom available
Emerald Sketch School Safety Plans (Range $500- $4500)
  • 2 – 4 hour Assessment workshop typically for Head of School, Head of Security, Head of Operations, School Psychologist, and all significant decision makers harboring the safety of the school children and community.
  • Followed by 1-2 Half Days or Full Day In-Service Trainings for Teachers and Faculty
  • Emerald Sketch School Safety Workbook available post training completion to keep on hand in each classroom