How does art therapy work?

  Art therapy engages a client in art making, under the guidance of a credentialed therapist, to help bring about positive changes in his or her inner world.  No art experience is necessary.


  The art therapist provides a safe, non-threatening environment for therapy sessions.  Individual clients (or groups) explore issues using a variety of art materials the therapist finds comfortable and appropriate for each particular session. The art work becomes a confidential record of the client’s feelings, thoughts and behavior. Using the information and insight provided by the art work, therapist and client begin the road to  healing.


     Art making with an art therapist allows you to safely express your feelings, fears and emotions without having to put them into words, which is difficult, if not impossible, following a traumatic experience. Art therapy can help you resolve inner conflicts and process trauma so you can handle stress better, improve your judgment, feel like yourself again and get back to having healthy and happy relationships with your family and friends.

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